The TeraStation™ 7000, 5010, 4000, 3010 and 1000 series are additions to the award-winning TeraStation™ family of Buffalo business NAS products, supporting faster CPUs and expansive storage capacity, as well as business-class features and advanced functionality.


High performance and reliability

Find out more about the powerful all-new TeraStations that provide blazing transfer speeds incorporating the very latest market-leading processors. With the addition of large capacity DDR3 memory, these NAS and iSCSI devices are designed to support 24/7 operation utilising high performance components.

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File Sharing and Data Protection

Provides a host of business-class features from cross-platform network file sharing to data replication, backup, and failover.

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Replication & Failover

Replication mirrors the data in a folder on the source TeraStation™ to a share on another TeraStation™ in near real time.
TeraStation™ also supports fail over fault tolerance in the network.

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Storage Virtualization

Create NAS and iSCSI volumes on a single RAID array. Supports simultaneous usage of NAS and iSCSI in one device

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Bring Your Own Device

Is your company aware of the issues that Bring Your Own Device brings to your business? See how Buffalo products can provide a secure environment for your data protection, while enabling your employees to use their personal mobile devices for work.

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Windows Storage Server

Find out how the TeraStation™ Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 provides the perfect storage solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing Windows Network infrastructure.

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Product Lineup