Bring Your Own Device

Bring your own virus to work? Not with a Buffalo solution!


Establishing best practices is paramount for any business, yet there is one policy that is still not fully adopted across the broad spectrum of companies in Europe – a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) safety policy.

As a progressive employer you are probably looking to permit new and existing employees to utilise their personal communication and storage devices for business purposes. But with the ever increasing advance of technology, the threats developing towards your business could be potentially devastating. Although, permitting employees to use their own phones and tablets, laptops and home computers empowers employees and brings with it a boost in productivity.

There are many issues coming from the BYOD trend, and the danger is not from a lack of solutions but ignoring the BYOD reality. Look at how Buffalo products can support your business and employees.

What are the issues?

  • Multiple Devices: 44% of employees are already using their own devices for work*1. Smartphone, Tablet, PC, Laptop – ensure the solution you choose is compatible across the range of devices that your employees (and future employees) may be looking to utilise.

  • Mobile Device Management (MDM): MDM is a term used to describe management of your own, your employees and mobile devices of third parties. There are already many vendors offering such a solution.

  • Sensitive Company Information: Lost or stolen devices, where the owner has access to sensitive company documents, can lead to a whole host of difficulties for a business. As could a disgruntled ex-employee that decides to share your latest confidential product roadmap with your competition. You can set parameters, with the right NAS solution, to apply restrictions to drives, folders and even files.

  • Data Storage: Do you know how data is moving around and where it is being kept? Many mobile devices have cloud back up services e.g. Apple’s iCloud service for example. This may mean corporate data is inadvertently being copied to a third party and the control of that data is now lost. For example, is the data adequately encrypted in the Cloud?

  • Non-presence of IT Manager: Managing Directors of small business are often tasked to take on the day-to-day administration of the IT network, therefore an easy to set up, reliable, time-saving one-stop storage solution is recommended.

  • Security: Do you require a network that provides you with off-site storage for a complete back-up in the event of a fire or burglary? Network access – do you know who and what is being accessed? If BYOD devices are accessing this data it needs to be secure and encrypted at all times. Your security needs to be multi layered and cover many issues.

  • Viruses: Cybercrime and network breaches are on the increase at a shocking rate. Protect your business with the best possible anti-virus software and protect your company’s lifeblood – its data! Malware is being written explicitly to exploit BYOD. This malware can be distributed in many ways, the most common of which now is an email encouraging someone to visit an infected or unknown malicious website. Patching of systems is considered as a critical first line of defence against Malware*2.

  • Data Storage Growth: As part of your solution, look to the future. Do you anticipate storing increased levels of data over the next five years – research suggests that data storage requirements will grow at a rate of 30% per year until 2017*3. Look for NAS devices that provide scalable storage solution that can grow with your business.

  • Compliance: Do you have a BYOD to work safety policy? Research shows that only 20% of companies have implemented this fundamental step of protection.*4

The Buffalo Solution

Create a secure, bespoke network designed specifically to meet the needs of your business today, and flexible to meet your needs in the future.

Connect your home and office storage
If your employees are working from home, provide them with a NAS that can automatically back-up to your main server.

The Employee: Connect all devices providing the optimum security
Ensure that your employee’s devices are compatible with your network, and each other giving your company the best protection and control.

The Company: Create a secure network
Reduce the level of exposure to your network from malware, misuse and when employees leave by ensuring each element of your infrastructure is providing the best security for your company data.


Trend Micro™ NAS Security Antivirus Software

Protect your TeraStation™ servers from becoming hosts for viruses, trojans, bots and other malware. The Trend Micro™ NAS Security Antivirus software is pre-installed on all TeraStations and comes as 30 day trial version. Keys for 1,3 or 5 years can be purchased as extension package. The Trend Micro™ NAS Security Antivirus software offers three types of virus scans:

  • Real-time Scan: Constant monitoring of every file that you read or write (default)
  • Scheduled Scan: Executed at specified regular intervals, therefore possible to run during low network usage or outside of business hours
  • Manual Scan: Runs when initiated


Buffalo Products

TeraStation™ 3000 / 4000 / 5000 & 7000 or TeraStation™ Windows Storage Server 2012

Linux or Windows based NAS Server. Build your network that gives you a back-up server, with a second to act as a local server that employees can back up their devices to – remotely. Manage drive, folder and file access rights. Remotely manage files from devices connected to your network.

Business Switches

Enable your network to automatically detect and block devices which could cause harm.

AirStation™ Opens internal link in current windowRouter

With building VPN server and client solutions, Buffalo’s AirStation’s connect your branches or home offices securely with your main office. In addition, use the AirStation’s Guest Port to provide visitors with an internet connection whilst protecting your network files.

LinkStation™ Network Attached Storage

Provide travelling employees or home workers with a home NAS device, that can be backed up to the main server, and also give the user remote access to all their files while out and about.

MiniStation™ Portable HDD

Manage the devices that your employees use for work by providing them with approved products, ensuring an even greater data security protection.

AirStation™ Travel Router

Create a secure private network with wireless connections during meetings held in public places.

[*1] 44% of employees already using their own devices for work [source:]
[*2] Patching of systems is considered as a critical first line of defence against Malware.
[*3] IDC July 2013.
[*4] Do you have a BYOD policy? Research shows only 20% of BYOD companies have a policy in place [source:]